Maximize Your Online Advertising with High Impact Ads

By Keela Greenlee



Digital advertising continues to evolve with technology. Newer, more exclusive high-impact online advertising formats—such as interactive takeover, pre-roll, pushdown, and gravity ads—have become the primary focus of savvy marketing professionals. Get ahead of the game and learn how these premium ad units can increase your click-through rates and get you more conversions:


Interactive Takeover: Engage with Video

Video is one of the most effective content types for driving audience engagement. Create video ads that speaks to the needs, challenges, and desires of your target audience. Interactive takeovers are an effective way of displaying video on an online advertisement. They auto-launch and overlay on the targeted page, giving the user the ability to play a video directly on the ad. Click here to see an example.


Pre-Roll Ads: Entice Engaged Eyes

Think of pre-roll ads as the commercials that play before a movie. Users must watch all or part of the video ad before they can get to their chosen content, giving your business an excellent opportunity to get your message in front of target customers.


Pushdown Ads: Clear the Space

Pushdown ads move the page’s content out of the way and make space for your ad to take center stage. They offer an expandable ad format, which means that you can promote your message in both short-form and long-form. Click here to see an example.


Gravity Advertising: Give Viewers an Unforgettable Experience

Gravity ads turn your ad into an IMAX-like experience. Video assets appear upon page load and stay expanded until the user manually closes. The user may manually unmute and play audio associated with video. The video stops on user-initiated ad close. Click here to see an example.


How to Access These Exclusive Ad Formats
Are you seeing the CTRs you want from your display advertising efforts? High impact ads are proven to increase engagement and conversions. To gain access to these premium ad types on, contact the experts at TN Media in Nashville, Tennessee.

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