About TN Media


TN Media has a history of serving Middle Tennessee with news, information and business solutions. And, more than any other source, we are actively delivering content through every channel our readers expect. Our portfolio includes best-in-class and nationally-recognized products as part of the USA TODAY NETWORK, including Key Ring, Point Roll, Shop Local and more.

We are committed to building relationships that combine audience reach with a complete portfolio of advertising products and digital marketing services to create measurable results for your business.

From stimulating interest to making the sale and creating loyalty, we can put your business everywhere it wants to be.

Our Mission, Vision, and Purpose

At TN Media, we are focused on serving the greater good of Middle Tennessee. We do that by providing trusted news and information and actively supporting the people and businesses in the communities where we serve. We envision a world where Middle Tennessee and the individual communities within it are growing and thriving because of the difference we make every day.

With our news and information, we are committed to being relevant, trusted and compelling. No source of local news has dedicated as many resources to celebrating local success, uncovering important issues and empowering progress through information.

For our local business partners, our products and services are successful when their businesses thrive. We’ve been working with companies in Middle Tennessee for more than 100 years. And today, we bring an advanced and comprehensive suite of marketing solutions, supported by strategic partners within the USA TODAY NETWORK.

Find out how TN Media can help you today.

Who We Are, How We Help

TN Media is in front of your customers.

The people who buy your products and services are social beings. Why not interact with them where they are?

We can help you find them, speak to them, and get to them. Think of us as a 100-year-old start-up. Decades of experience with an entrepreneur’s attitude.

Our marketing solutions combined with some really bright people connect you with targeted, engaged, buying customers. All backed by the undeniable horsepower of the USA TODAY NETWORK.

TN Media. Everywhere your business wants to be.