3 Ways to Make Your Facebook Marketing More Effective

By Keela Greenlee

Social media marketing and Facebook advertising

There are currently 1.28 billion users regularly active on Facebook. This opens an excellent opportunity for businesses to better reach their current customers and find new leads through online marketing on Facebook. Though Facebook has made some changes to its platform that now makes organic reach ineffective, companies can still reach and engage their customers through targeted Facebook advertising, quality content, and consistent engagement.

Below are three ways to get more out of your Facebook marketing:

  1. Use targeted Facebook ads to reach the right users.

Facebook has data on about 1.2 billion people, and you can use this information to your advantage through targeted Facebook ads. The targeting criteria in Facebook advertising allow you to narrow your reach and connect with the customers who are most likely to become buyers and brand advocates. Through these ads you can use targeting criteria such as age, location, job title, and interests to better reach your target market.

  1. Create useful content.

Rather than creating content that is purely for marketing purposes, you company needs to create useful and informative content that establishes you as an industry leader. By offering followers and customers valuable content, you are building stronger customer relationships and fostering sales.

  1. Encourage engagement on Facebook.

Your marketing efforts don’t stop at creating content. The social nature of Facebook means that leads will need to be nurtured through consistent engagement. Ask thought provoking questions and encourage feedback and reviews to show the customer that their voice is important and heard.

Facebook Marketing in Tennessee

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